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107 Vasco da Gama Canciones, Cantos de hinchada

Equipo de fútbol jugando en la  Brasileiro Série A,  Brazil

2248 Black Skirts - Camisas Negras The Vasco squad known as Black Skirts won for the first time the carioca championship in 1923 (11 wins, 2 losses and only 1 defeat). The success of this squad was due to black, mixed races and poor people that were recruited outside the main football fields. This is the start of a fight against racism in football. Lista de Reproducción
5855 I Was Born Loving Vasco NEW Raul Seixas "Eu nasci há 10 mil anos atrás" tune parody. Lista de Reproducción
5905 Vascao Ole Ole Ole Fan chants encouraging the club to get promoted from 2nd to 1st division of brasilian champioship. Lista de Reproducción
6004 Ole Ole Oh La La Chant for the player Felipe. Just like this one, the fans chant for all the main players of the team. Lista de Reproducción
6106 Tabajara Is Gonna Pay! Chant from Vasco fans Lista de Reproducción
7104 Vasco and Love Vasco da Gama fans delcaring love and passion for their club. Lista de Reproducción
7238 Julio Cesar Julio Cesar Lista de Reproducción
7525 I Take the Cross of Malta Great lyrics! Lista de Reproducción
7755 Renato Silva! Great rhythm on this one Lista de Reproducción
9104 Vasco Centenary Anthem Vasco centenary anthem.In 1998 was celebrated Vasco 100 years.This has became the theme for Unidos da Tijuca carnival group and all Vasco fans have sang it for years untill nowadays. Lista de Reproducción
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9147 I'm Bohemian Yes Sir (With a Band) Music composed by Yuri Kebian of organized supporters 'Warriors of the Admiral', talks about the bohemian side of football in Rio, including the most illustrious Vasco da Gama Lista de Reproducción
9320 Ole Dale Vasco Classic chant from Vasco fans. Lista de Reproducción
9710 The Boiling Cauldron Jumps... Lista de Reproducción
10143 I'm IRA Jovem Fan chants insulting other teams fans. Lista de Reproducción
10305 Thiago Feltri! Greeting to the Right BackThiago Feltri Lista de Reproducción
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